Reshma Shaw

LOST 25 KGS IN 9 MONTHS!! Hi everyone, I am 5'4'', 19 yr old female, RESHMA SHAW.
I was 90 kgs n now approx after 9 months I am 65 kg. Like most of the other girls even I like dancing, living freely... but.. coz of me being over weight I was not able to do it.
But now I do everything I want to. I dance too without any hesitation. Dt. Priyanka Bankeraika’s health programme guided me best to know about my body and my diet. Not only losing weight, also will make you know what is right diet and educate you towards healthy life with right food.
I myself lost 25kgs in 9 months n maintaining it. SO GIRLS THIS IS THE GOOD OPPORTUNITY TO BE A BARBIE DOLL FROM TEDDY BEAR. Best of luck!!!


Nilam Seth

Hi all, my age 25, I am fortunate... I met dietitian Priyanka Bankeraika few months back in a fitness class, there she made me realized that one has to take care of the diet as well, only aerobics won't help me in loosing weight...
I joined her weight loss plan of loosing 6kgs in 60 days and to my surprise
I was able to do that successfully... Not just my weight dropped from 56 to 50 kgs..also my body fat percentage came down from 27% -24.8%...
I am very happy and thankful to her.. She had made me indulged into healthy eating habits and a healthy lifestyle too... Thanks a lot.



I heard about Priyanka through my dad. When I first visited her, she was extremely polite.After all the conversation and knowing my detailed history, she charted a diet for me.
The goal was to loose 6 kgs in 4 months. The best part about her diet plan is that I did not have to buy any expensive stuff, no tablets, no powders.
My regular diet was altered in a way to help me loose weight. She also shares additional health information that she has.
The ayurvedic honey that Priyanka has also helped me to loose weight, without any side effects. The roasted snacks that she has to offer are very tasty and easy on pocket! She is very calm, friendly and patient, is confident and you can ask her any query, she is always available.
I would like to thank you Priyanka for all her help and dedication in reaching my goal :) I would always come back to you for any health needs.

Jigna Mehta

Hi... I am Jigna Mehta. Weight loss had been on my to-do-list for quite a few years, however being a working mom I was finding it difficult to take out sufficient time to do hard-core exercise.
Being a foodie (especially junk food J) I was not sure whether I would sustain through a strict diet. I met dietician Priyanka Bankeraika last year in my daughter’s school. Her daughter and mine are classmates and that’s how I came to know her.
I had heard a lot of good things about her diet and weight loss plans and I thought to approach her. I lost 7.5 kgs in 4 months without any crash diet.
The best thing about her is she makes specific diet suiting your body type. I am glad that I met her because whatever I have achieved is through her guidance and motivation. She has cultivated lot of good eating habits in me and a healthy lifestyle.



Hi...this is Meghna,
I came to know about Priyanka from one of my friends who had already lost 10 Kgs by her guidance.
To my surprise I lost 5.5 kgs in just 2 months..all because of Priyanka ..I am totally satisfied wid her way.
More than that I am glad that I met her, she is indeed a good dietitian but along wid that she is friendly and motivating...weightloss became a very easy task for me after meeting her ...And i achieved my goal within no time...If anyone who is looking for weight loss without much a do just following the easy plan an basic exercises i would strongly recommend her name...thanx a lot dear.